Who we are?

We are a space company and we try to stretch the boundaries. We are located in the Technology Park in Brno. We have development and administrative offices in the TechNest building. A few meters away are our own ISO 8 laboratories.

What do we do?

We develop! We start with a sheet of plain and we try to develop the best solution for the European Space Agency (ESA). Our main domain is mechanical systems. We also have our own procurement and quality control. We have the components we develop manufactured by proven partners and then we assemble and test them in our laboratories. A complete product leaves us.


S.A.B. Aerospace s.r.o.


Technická 23, 61600 Brno

IČ - 02588862


S.A.B. Aerospace s.r.o.

Technologický park, budova B2

Podnikatelská 4, 61200 Brno