We are working on launchers

Launching multiple satellites together

The Small Satellite Mission Service is an adjustable platform for mounting multiple smaller satellites on the European Vega launcher. This enabled the first-ever European rideshare service by cutting down the cost to launch while proving the Czech participation in the launcher program!

Integrating payloads in the heart of Europe

Before the SSMS all of the satellites, even the smallest ones were integrated on the launcher in French Guiana. Now thanks to our sister company SAB Launch Services, you don’t have to cross Atlantic - just come to Brno and with us you will integrate your payload directly to the upper part of the Vega rocket!

Sequencer for Ariane 6

Ariane 6 is the biggest launcher from the European family. To enable rideshare on this mighty rocket, we are developing a sequencer allowing separation of up to 96 satellites. One by one. On different orbits. At a different time.

as well as on probes, satellites, and microgravity

Looking for new Earth

PLATO mission is a middle-class ESA scientific mission that will observe exoplanets - planets orbiting around different stars. This SUV-sized probe has to survive 8 years in extreme conditions of space. 1,5 million kilometers far from Brno. Our role? To develop the “chassis” that will hold all of its equipment and scientific cameras together.

Helping with forest monitoring

We all do love forests. To be able to monitor the amount of biomass in them, as well as soil moisture and many other things, the ROSE-L satellite is being built. We are part of the team. We work on a big internal structure that will hold it all together. The launch is planned for 2028.

Making science on the ISS

The International Space Station is a huge laboratory with various experiments running all the time. Four scientific teams prepared biological research for the microgravity environment aboard ISS and we are helping them with the engineering needed to pack the science into little hi-tech boxes that will go on the station.

and we educate and popularize space!

Starting with high-schoolers

We are hosting field trips and excursions. We show high school students our facilities. We explain them the basics of the space industry. We let them build their own probe - well from a mechanical play kit, but still! Do you want to come as well? Reach out to us!

Giving opportunities to university students

The single best thing that you can do to learn about anything is to do it in real life. How can this be done with space engineering? Internships! We offer long-term ones, for students who study in Brno, as well as 3 months Erasmus internships for those from abroad!

Giving space info (and beer) to anyone interested

We organize regular “Space Beer” lectures, with a laid-back friendly atmosphere, space-related topics presented by engineers and scientists, tap beer, and interesting conversations, that sometimes continue for hours even after the event!

Join us and let's work on exciting space projects together!

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